Delta 5 Trial Update: Jury Is Not Allowed to Consider "Necessity Defense" Testimony


Guilty of trespass! Not of obstruction...
acquit these good people, prosecuting this case is a waste of time.
Instructions can be ignored
Breaking the law is a fine protest tradition, but if you are going to do so, you have to accept that it may lead to you sitting in jail for awhile. It is the game you agreed to play.
Ha-Ha, I knew this would happen.

Just because those 5 don't like it, doesn't make it a necessity for them or the rest of the state.

The system works.... for energy corporations.
@5 BNSF Troll King: Do you live anywhere near the BNSF tracks and / or in a official blast zone? By your cocky, extreme lack of reasoning, Big Corrupt Fossil Fuel Corporations Are King, and there's supposedly Nothing We Can Do About It. Well, bullshit! We, the citizens with everything in this threatened region to lose DO have a voice, and this fight is not over. It's a matter of when, not if these rolling bomb trains derail and explode. So kiss your pathetic trolling ass goodbye when it does and don't expect any sympathy from me. I hope you and others of your ignorant ilk are among the first to go.
Snohomish County Judge Anthony Howard sounds like he was bought and paid for by BNSF.
@6: And that's why those of us who care about this region and the rest of the world are fighting so hard to change this criminally insane level of inexcusable corruption.
@7, Hey Papa Griz, your pension fund probably has investments in railroads. As they're good money. And you probs own a car, ride in one. Or, if you ride the bus. You ride in something that's worse for the environment than car.

So YOU contribute to your perceived problem.

I love oil. I love trains. I love oil trains.
Indeed it is true that jurors can ignore instructions. That's jury nullification. That's how the murdering racists who killed Emmett Till were acquitted.