A welcome verdict
I wonder how many of the defendants arrived and left the court in a vehicle that burns a crude oil product? Or, wore clothing made from petroleum products. Hrmm.........
@2 Oh cool, another inane comment from this unoriginal troll.

Personal "purity" from the consumption of fossil fuels and their derivatives is not only nigh-impossible in the USA, it's also self-indulgent moralism - not a strategy for change. Of course, you're not interested in change, just tearing people down who are trying to make things better.
What, has no one heard of jury nullification?

On that jury, I would have been sorely tempted.

But I suppose informing a jury of jury nullification could be grounds for a mistrial.

So I could just be a stubborn cuss.
@4, I came here with the same thought.

For whatever fucked up reason, yeah, I guess the defense is never allowed to broach the subject of jury nullification.

That's why we, the people, need to spread the idea far and wide, so that in any given jury there's a good chance at least one juror has heard of it.
@2 Have you ever, even once, not completely missed the point?

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