An anti-LGBTQ group wants to put a transgender discrimination measure on the statewide ballot.
An anti-LGBTQ group wants to file an anti-trans ballot measure once it receives $100,000 and 1,000 volunteers. Alex Garland

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"Just Want Privacy," a campaign dedicated to repealing the state Human Rights Commission's rule allowing transgender people to use the sex-segregated bathroom that aligns with their gender identity, is preparing to put anti-trans discrimination to a vote.

The campaign's website, which is registered to the director of the anti-LGBTQ group Family Policy Institute of Washington, claims that Just Want Privacy will file a ballot initiative after raising $100,000 and collecting 1,000 volunteer signups.

Danni Askini, executive director of the Gender Justice League, released the following statement in response to news of the campaign:

While it is disappointing to learn of this initiative, it is sadly not surprising. Our opponents registered this website on December 30th demonstrating that this has been a coordinated campaign against Transgender people.

What is clear is that there is strong bipartisan support for the rights of Transgender people, as we saw in the Senate last Wednesday when we defeated SB 6443 on the Senate floor.

The Washington SAFE Alliance has more than 130 organizations opposing these attacks, including all major domestic violence and sexual assault groups in this state. Both the Tacoma News Tribune and Seattle Times have come out strongly against these attempts to repeal protections for Transgender people.

We believe we have strong public support and are in a powerful position to fight back any attempt to repeal the rights of Transgender people in Washington State.

These cynical attacks will harm transgender youth by encouraging bullying and our opposition is promoting the dangerous and wrong idea that anyone can use any bathroom, which is simply not true.The Washington Human Rights Commission has clearly spelled out; only women can use women's rest rooms and only men can use men's rest rooms.

We believe the public will see through these fear tactics and misinformation to understand that all Washingtonians should have safety  and that transgender people should use bathrooms consistent with the gender they live as and know themselves to be.