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An Appreciation

Darren Booth


I love The Stranger for publishing Rebecca Brown.
Trying to make a career of writing is as hard as I expected, but in ways that can be difficult to adapt to. Three weeks ago I sent out my first (nonfiction) query, and am still waiting for a response like the impatient puppy I am deep down.

Several fiction manuscripts are acting up and throwing off plot problems like a dog shaking off water. They are not fit to be seen.

And today, my hard drive crashed, so even the mediocre things I've spent six months building have vanished into the pixelated wilderness.

In sum: today was the day I really needed this piece. You have my inexpressible and most adamant thanks.
Thanks for this, Rebecca. I've been having a hell of a time publishing ANYTHING. It's nice to see even the great Rebecca Brown has feelings of insecurity. Hope to see you soon.

yes! thank you! --Sarah
yes! thank you! --Sarah
thanks rebecca...
Failure approved.
I looked failure square in the eyes through 4 strokes as well as personal mistakes (too numerous to count!). All I have learned of failure? It happens just like success-you just have to keep working! Bravo Rebecca!
Rebecca, you are a beautiful failure. Thanks for this article.
Rebecca Brown, you are awesome. Thank you so much, for all your writing.
thank you for this beautiful article. it's little reminders like these that help me go on.
Very Nice... if only the greatest artists musicians and writers were always the most tenacious and persistent. Far too many times great things are lost in an ocean of noise.

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