iPad wont ever have an SD card slot. Never going to happen in a million years. iPhone, iPod, iPad, all walled gardens, Apple wants 100% control over what gets in and out of their devices, so the idea of a SD card is wishful thinking.

I bought a 10" 16:9 Android Tablet (Hong Kong import for 200$) and I must say, 10" is too big for the bus commute. Might be ok for the house or apt, but not for mobile use.
@1 - Sure it could happen. Having an SD slot doesn't imply a hole in the walled garden, it just means you wouldn't need the "camera kit" anymore to download photos onto the device. Apple could easily provide an SD slot that can only be used to download photos from the card to the device, in the same way the camera kit is used now.
Or you can jailbreak the device in 10 seconds and get that functionality.

Dont worry, when Steve Jobs dies in a few months, the new CEO will probably allow for such cheap luxuries on the next round of idevices.
The two cameras are for the smaller form factor and the 2nd is an option.

The SD slot is unlikely right now.

Xmas 2011 - 3D iPad - be there!
There's lots of pictures of iPad cases ( that look like there might very well be an SD card slot. So far the rumor is looking pretty good.
@1: So why does Apple offer SD slots on MB Pros and the Camera Kit with SD slot for the iPad?

Oh, so you can copy files directly to the iPad, without having to go through iTunes? Seriously, dont need a single app, its built into the system. Just insert 16 GB sd card into the camera kit, copy and paste gigs worth of mp3s or mkv files bypassing iTunes or any of its third party clones? Out of the box, no jailbreaking, those devices can do that right?

Let me correct something here, I dont see Apple providing a MicroSDHC card slot, they make too much money selling you 16 gig upgrades for 99$ a pop, when it should be 40$. My MP3 player has a microSDHC slot, if I want to go from its default 4 gig to 20 gig, why its only going to cost me 30$ from

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