Questions of morality that have as their basis one book, the bible, don't have, at their root, rational thought. Therefore, rational arguments about the essential nature of marriage and the role of the state are completely separate from what is morally acceptable from a religious standpoint. There can be no consensus.
You are so shooting yourself in the foot for that Templeton Prize, Vince.
Oh, it's that fucking guy from BBC4, the one bringing down the whole tone of the Justice Season by endlessly asking every philosopher he can find about what if there was a bomb and it was literally ticking and would go off in one hour and you had a terrorist with all his fingers still intact, what would you do then, philosophers?
@2 I was hoping for a Nobel!
Oh, you and your standards.
I just got back from his lecture... it was great, of course, but almost exactly like the one recorded and posted above. But I still bought the book.

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