Mark Kurlansky is maybe the only person alive—with the possible exceptions of John McPhee and Joan Didion—who could write a book about the history of man's relationship with cod and imbue it with such charm that it becomes a bestseller. Cod wasn't a freak accident: Kurlansky's book Salt is a surprisingly comprehensive history of the world, as explained through a narrative about our dealings with salt.

Tonight, he'll be at Third Place Books, reading from his new book for kids. It's a comic book titled World Without Fish, and it's about how the oceans are being farmed and exploited to the point of disaster. If anybody can make this subject interesting for teens, it's the guy who made cod the subject of a page-turner.

If you're not in the mood for a serious book about the environment, you should consider Castalia at the Hugo House. Castalia is the UW grad student's reading series, and this month's reading features poet Cody Walker, whose Shuffle and Breakdown is an excellent collection you should read. Walker is funny and his language is spry. I saw him read at Open Books for the release of Shuffle and Breakdown and he was a terrific, entertaining poet. Seeing him read aloud makes his poetry even better.

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