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A New Book Argues That Life Is Built on Debt

Exploding myths about kittens and boots. Melville House


Thanks for this review; I'll be giving this book as Xmas gifts this year! I also recommend Paul Grignon's "Money as Debt" ; there's a youtube video and companion website:

These are much more helpful ways to think about monetary policy than our current befuddling propaganda.
Money as Debt?!?!? EEEEK!!!

It's pretty revolting to think that the world's biggest crooks---among them, the credit card industries and the financial institutions who blindly approved those without the actual means to afford mega-mansions---have lead our country to such outlandish lengths of economic destruction through horrendously irresponsible "borrow and spend" tactics.

Did they not think the bubble would ever burst? That's like the Delta frat boys in National Lampoon's Animal House taking Flounder's brother's Lincoln Continental out for a drunken joyride before totaling it!

Thank you, Charles Mudede, for an excellent and informative review.

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