This looks promising—a Friday night pub/lit crawl with some of Seattle's best writers (and some I'm not so familiar with).

7:30 pm: Bluebird Microcreamery, 1205 E Pike St.
Stranger Genius Stacey Levine, local favorite poet/novelist/experimental writer Doug Nufer, as well as Paulette Gaudet and Richard Chiem (who I'm not familiar with)

9 pm: Piecora's Pizza, 1401 E Madison St.
Greg Bem, Jamey Braden

9:45 pm: Arabica Lounge, 1550 E Olive Way.
Kate Lebo, Diana Salier

10:30 pm: The Crescent, 1413 E Olive Way.
The inimitable Sarah Galvin. (I saw her read at a house party once and put the crowd in stitches. Rare is the poet who can pull that off. Also, check out her blog The Pedestretarian, reviews of food she found on the street.)

11 pm: private apartment, 915 E Harrison St.
Ed Skoog, Paul's constant crush.