Pastor Mark Driscoll's new book, Who Do You Think You Are?: Finding Your True Identity in Christ, has been out on the e-shelves for just a week, and already, it's gotten a very popular review on Amazon. Problem is, it's not a very nice review. Now Pastor Mark seems desperate to restore balance to his Amazon profile and is enticing would-be reviewers with the promise of new gadgets every day this week:

Pastor Mark on Twitter
  • Pastor Mark on Twitter

Stephanie Drury, who thoughtfully and compassionately unpacks evangelical trends at Stuff Christian Culture Likes, wrote in an Amazon review titled "Mark Driscoll is to biblical wisdom as Richard Simmons is to cage-fighting," which has been found helpful by 756 of 996 Amazon users. Her review addresses Driscoll's use of logical fallacies and highlights the hateful (specifically misogynist, homophobic, authoritarian) culture fostered by the Mars Hill Church leadership. She adds:

It's not a secret that I feel Driscoll's teachings and his increasing popularity are a powerfully destructive epidemic in western evangelicalism.

Today, Pastor Mark announced he will give away a free iPad mini to one lucky reader who writes an Amazon review and/or posts about his new book on social media before midnight. Every day this week, a new giveaway will be announced at

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