The News Tribune says:

Park Commissioner Erik Hanberg and Daniel Rahe, a Tacoma landmarks commissioner and editor in chief of the online magazine Post Defiance (, have started a campaign to name the park for a famous Tacoman that most people don’t know is a Tacoman.

Frank Herbert is the author of the fabulously popular series of science fiction novels based on the fantastical desert planet called Arrakis, or “Dune.” Herbert, who died in 1986, won the two top awards for sci-fi writers — the Nebula and the Hugo. His books are the basis for both the 1984 David Lynch film starring Kyle MacLachlan and the 2000 mini series staring William Hurt.

I am absolutely in favor of this. Herbert's Dune series is rightfully popular with sci-fi fans, but it's also an often-overlooked work of Northwest literature. Naming the park after Herbert would be an effortless way for Tacoma to raise his name recognition as a Northwest author. You should read Hanberg's whole great post about Herbert's relationship to Tacoma and why this park would be a good idea over at the Post Defiance.