Loving beautiful things is both lazy and obvious. Of course everyone adores flowers and sunsets and butterfly migrations. Yawn me a river. Real, wholehearted love comes only after confronting a subject’s crusty, clubfooted, circus-freak-with-a-belly-button-infection flaws and embracing it anyway. In Godforsaken Idaho, Shawn Vestal turns his eye on his birthplace’s remote clusters of broken people—Mormons, renounced Mormons, drug havers, drug takers, white-collar criminals, lovers of small rat dogs—and describes their mundane flaws in such exquisite detail that it can only be love. Give Vestal your ear. Let him make you fall in love with godforsaken Idaho, too. (University Book Store, 4326 University Way NE, www.bookstore.washington.edu, 7 pm, free)