Andie Ptak (left) and Fiona Jackson (right)
Hillary Clinton devotees Andie Ptak (left) and Fiona Jackson (right) KH

Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of mostly middle-aged white people are currently standing in a line that stretches down 10th Avenue, around the block, across the street, and halfway down Pine Street to get into Elliott Bay Book Company for a book signing with the winner for the 2016 popular vote: one Hillary Rodham Clinton. While Bernie's line clearly would have been longer, The Stranger spoke to two Clinton devotees, Andie Ptak and Fiona Jackson, who had been waiting for nearly two hours to get into Elliott Bay.

The Stranger: What are you going to say to Hillary Clinton?
Fiona Jackson: She should have won. The election was stolen by a lying misogynist.
Andie Ptak: And Russia.

Would you support Clinton if she ran again in 2020?
FJ: Absolutely.
AP: I'd have to see how things were going and how old she seemed. Age is a factor. But I bet she's going to get four years of good rest and she'll probably be healtier and heartier than she was before.

Do you think age would be an issue for a man?
FJ: Sexism is definitely involved.
AP: I think age is dependent on health. I know people at 75 who are in better shape than people at 60...
FJ: Think of Ronald Reagan. And Trump is not young.
AP: He's older than she is! And the fact that she has four years to rest, I think she could be in good fighting shape.

Is there anyone else you're excited about?
AP: I would have been excited about Al Franken.
FJ: I would have, too. I've heard Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, so there are some younger Democrats. But I think Hillary deserved to be the first woman president and she was robbed.
AP: Oh, she absolutely deserved it. She was prepared and qualified as any person who has ever run.

Do you think Al Franken should have stepped down?
AP: No.
FJ: I actually don't either.
AP: I think he should have gone through due process. I think he was a sacrificial lamb.
FJ: What he did was not even in the same league as what the sitting president has done and certainly not what Roy Moore has been accused of.
AP: I hope the Democrats did not make a huge political mistake by taking such high ground. We'll see today if voters care.

We certainly will. But regardless of who wins in Alabama today, or who won the presidential race last year, if this crowd is any indication, Seattle hasn't given up on Clinton quite yet.

Good luck with the hand cramps, Hill. And if you need a break, The Stranger is just up the street.