Die Antwoord: Jordan: I think music is more than just aural. The thought and energy Die Antwoord put into their performance is reason enough to attend the festival on Friday. I can't wait!

Moon Duo: Christopher: Because it's Moon Duo. Great music for late-night drives though the desert or conjuring up spirits.

Froth: Maria: I have heard really great things about Froth but have missed them when they've come through Seattle. Stoked to see them.


Solange: I don't think an explanation is really needed here.

Haim: They put on a great live show, and I'm looking forward to hearing their new songs.

Gucci Mane: 'Cause why not?


Tacocat: Tacocat are so great; their live show is just like a big party onstage. If you've never seen them (you probably have and bought a shirt), don't miss it! You'll enjoy it so much, you'll probably buy a shirt.

Flo Rida: Flo Rida is the top of my list for Friday. He's been on an impressive comeback, or a never-really-left. A friend of ours has been playing the song "My House" relentlessly, and I love it, I can't lie!

Haim: Haim are one of our absolute favorite bands from the last couple years. We love the new album and can't even contain our excitement to see them shred.


First of all, I'm incredibly excited to be performing this year! Being born and raised in Seattle, Bumbershoot 1996 was the first concert I ever attended in my entire life. There is such a huge significance for me to be performing this amazing festival for the first time.

Acapulco Lips: I'm also hoping to catch Acapulco Lips' set this year. They are a great band that is on Killroom Records, which is one of my favorite local labels. The label has been putting out a lot of really cool shit lately, of which Acapulco Lips are definitely one!

Dude York: Dude York is another one I hope to see. They've had such a great year and have been working so hard in support of an awesome record. It's so exciting to look at all these local bands who have put out such good records this year. Wow. Great year for local bands at Bumbershoot!


Solange: I have a feeling that Solange is going to put on an honest-to-God performance at Bumbershoot. Between her incredible voice, the dancey beats, and her backup band's stage presence, this is one set I don't see myself missing.

The Roots: Maybe it's my hometown pride showing (yo, Phillaaaaaay), but I really couldn't be more excited to see the Roots. Questlove is my third favorite drummer of all time, right behind my roommate Peter and Animal from The Muppets. I'm going to do everything within my power to meet Questlove and become his friend, after I watch the Roots' fantastic set.

Weezer: Of course, it's Weezer! Their melodies have been stuck in my head since the fifth grade, and seeing their set might finally get them out.

Also excited for Saint Claire, Smokey Brights, Bibi Bourelly, the Dip, and (Lorde, help me) Gucci Mane. recommended