Vaya Con Lola

(THEATER) A brilliant alternative marketing campaign for Budweiser? A rousing look at Chicana relationships? An excuse to see wonderful, vibrant theater? Vaya Con Lola is quite possibly all three, with a refreshing lack of preachy politics and self-absorbed pretension. Exquisitely paced, darkly imaginative, incredibly visceral, Vaya Con Lola simply shines as a fine new show from a team of talented ladies, including writer/star Monica Appleby, producer/director Sheila Daniels, and kickass actress Meg Savlov. Get there early and be ready to emote. (Ned Skinner Theater, 1501 10th Ave E, 325-6500, $10. Thurs-Sat at 8 pm. Through Aug 24.) LINDSAY MARSAK


Hey Punk!

(MINI-FEST) This year's annual EMP Hey Punk! weekend kicks off with a screening of the totally excellent skate documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys (really, it's good!). Immediately following, Wentzle Ruml (a legendary Z-Boy) will lead a Q&A session with the audience. And for the rest of the weekend, in honor of old-school skateboardin' and punk rock, the EMP and the Seattle Center are hosting pro demos and punk-rock shows. Skaters scheduled to appear include Steve Alba, Doug "Pineapple" Saladino, and Dave Hackett. The band roster includes the Dickies, Agent Orange, and the Dwarves. Dude, I'm so there. (Experience Music Project, for complete schedule and ticket information visit or call 367-5483.) MEGAN SELING

The New Poverty

(ART) The rich are rich and the poor are poor and here's the rub: Art supplies are expensive. Lots of artists get around this problem creatively by using discarded materials--garbage, you might say--to make their work, and here is an exhibition of eight Seattle and Victoria, BC, artists who elevate other peoples' castoffs into very good art. Jointly curated by Jeffrey Miller, of Seattle, and Althea Thauberger, of Victoria--take that, Peace Arch! (Opening reception Fri Aug 23, 7-10 pm. The Pound Gallery, 1216 10th Ave, 323-0557.) EMILY HALL


Never Say Nothing. And Never Say No.

(CELEBRATION) The Slender Means Society continues its reign of terror over the insipid monotony that is so often the rock-show environment with its sixth themed monthly event--a celebration of words and music. Participants include Slim Moon, the Sweet Science, Adam Voith, Tizzy Asher, P:ANO, and a special performance by Portland's Thanksgiving, featuring 16-year-old phenomenon Adrian Orange. (Secluded Alley Works, 113 12th Ave, 839-0880, 4-10 pm, all ages, $6 or $5 with a two-book donation for a book exchange.) CHARLES MUDEDE


Yo, Son!

(OUTRIGHT FUN) My sister, who is visiting from the club capital of the world (London), says that Yo, Son! is by far the best night in Seattle's club scene. She attended it two weeks ago and was more than impressed by the crowd, the music, the breakdancing, and the general energy. Yo, Son! is apparently keeping it real. (Every Sunday at Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison, 324-8000, 9 pm-2 am, 21+, $3.) CHARLES MUDEDE


Despite Everything

(BOOKS) At 608 pages, Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus is not a quick read, but it's no War and Peace either. The book is the written legacy of Aaron Cometbus, a well-respected self-publisher whose zine, Cometbus, has made him one of the most loved names in the DIY writing world since he started publishing in 1983 at age 13. Despite Everything compiles Aaron's 20-plus-year writing career into one gigantic book, reprinting everything from show reviews to short stories to interviews, blurring the punk and the personal through years of meticulous documentation. (Available at Confounded Books & Hypno Video, 2235 Second Ave.) JENNIFER MAERZ


Almost Thanksgiving

(DELICIOUS TURKEY) While I'm sure the coffee is good and the computers useful at Capitol Hill Cafe, I go to this attractive "Internet Lounge & Eatery" for only one reason: I am totally obsessed with CHC's "Almost Thanksgiving" ($5.90), a deliciously unseasonal turkey sandwich insulated with cream cheese and cranberry sauce, anchored with lettuce and honey mustard on potato bread. You might be tempted by the other interesting sandwiches and salads and calzones, but please get the Almost Thanksgiving at least once. You'll see--the salty/sweet/tart combo with that feathery cream cheese will make you long for Real Thanksgiving. I wish November would hurry up. (Capitol Hill Cafe, 216 Broadway, 860-6858.) MIN LIAO


Federation X

(ROCK) Estrus band Federation X have a blues sub-groove jammed beneath their riffs, with the girth and density to block out all extraneous noise; sharper, metal-style guitar licks flicker around the music's heavier spots. The Bellingham band has a unique Southern gothic-rock style: Like the police blotter from a small swamp town that rules with Southern Comfort and shotguns, Federation X detail the scars marking outlaw lives. Federation X's stories of bloodthirsty killers sink into your gut, but it's the music that burrows even deeper through your inner layers. (Graceland, 109 Eastlake Ave E, 262-0482, $8.) JENNIFER MAERZ