The Trump administration could go after safe consumption sites, like the one planned for Seattle, according to Buzzfeed News.

A spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Administration told reporter Dominic Holden, “Any facilitation of illicit drug use is considered in violation of the Controlled Substances Act and, therefore, subject to legal action.”

King County Executive Dow Constantine and former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray last year announced plans to create two safe injection sites where drug users could freely inject or ingest illicit substances under the supervision of health professionals. One of the sites is slated for Seattle. In November, City Council members budgeted $1.3 million for a safe consumption site.

Leaders from both King County and Seattle have said they would defend safe consumption sites against legal action from the Trump administration.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg told Buzzfeed he’d welcome the legal battle, saying, “It will be an opportunity to convince the court that local public health powers are superior to criminal statutes that ban private drug dens run for profit.”

He noted that the Controlled Substances Act is intended to reduce harm, and that the county may base a legal argument for safe consumption sites on that premise.

Mayor Jenny Durkan, who on the campaign trailed pledged to see through Seattle’s plan to open a safe consumption site, responded to the news on Twitter:

The plans for safe consumption sites came from a list of recommendations from a task force convened to address the region's heroin epidemic. Supporters of safe consumption sites say they save lives and refer addicts to services, pointing to successful examples in Europe and Canada.