Yes, but Instagram is really the hotbed for such ads.

Awww, cute puppy!


Anyone have any insight into why Eli hates free speech so much?


Eli worships Trump, @2. It's a fact. Check it out on


fb is Orwellian AND Lewis Carrollian.
And too fucking BIG to touch.

The EU been suing them (or is it Google) for tens of Billions in fines.
And winning.

If they can't follow Washington Law, and they obviously Refuse to do so, then why the Fuck are they still Here?

Fergie. this'd make a Great Campaign Statement.
'The guy who beat fb.'

Thank you, Eli.

"Free Speech," siggy?
You mean, it's Free to whotf ever can Afford it?


Sounds like a candidate who is losing is acting like a brat. She ran them and now can’t so is calling out another candidate? Wow, classy. This is why politics can be so obnoxious, don’t we have bigger issues to face? I would never vote for Kate, she’s clearly too immature to focus on what matters. Guess this is her only way to get press?


"When Facebook is questioned about why it allows such ads if it's banned them, the company says things like: "Any Washington Political Ad that appears on Facebook is in violation of Facebook's policy."

In other words, Martin and The Stranger got it wrong. It's not Heidi Wills who is violating policy, its Facebook.


"Rules? Not on my watch!" -Heidi, probably


@2: Free speech does not mean the right to BUY elections.


Why doesn't Zucc just follow the damn regs? He doesn't have THAT much to lose from disclosure.

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