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Angus MacLane Opens Up About Lightyear’s Northwest Roots

The Director Talks Revisiting Toy Story, Nostalgia for Old Portland, and That Same-Sex Kiss

CatVideoFest Returns with Beloved Feline Films

Previously on Quasi-Hiatus, the Indoor-Only version of the Beloved Feline Film Festival Resumes This Weekend

The Music of Studio Ghibli Comes to Seattle

Composer Joe Hisaishi Will Conduct His Miyazaki Film Scores

Film/TV Jun 20 4:25 PM

Happy Father’s Day to Mitch and Cam, Two Gay TV Dads Who Helped Change America

In a Dark Time for TV, They Helped Shift Attitudes Toward Marriage Equality

Film/TV Jun 17 5:01 PM

What Is Afrofuturism?

For Ruth E. Carter, It Informs Design. But What Does it Mean?

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Arts Jun 17 3:52 PM

Vera Project Is Reviving Black Lodge!

And Other Arts News You May Have Missed This Week

Film/TV Jun 17 1:04 PM

Lightyear Boldly Goes Where Disney’s Gone Before

Creative IP Decisions Aside, Tired Tropes Hamper Pixar’s Space Saga

Film/TV Jun 15 11:42 AM

Jurassic World Dominion is All Bugs, No Features

Jurassic World's Newest Monster is... a Grasshopper?

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Stranger Suggests Jun 13 10:29 AM

A Cult Classic Double Feature at The Beacon

A Perfect Car Chase and Hannibal Lecter Animate These Masterpiece Thrillers

Film/TV Jun 3 4:41 PM

Fire Island Is a Gorgeous Gay Throwback

It Rhymes with the Rom-Coms of the 1990s ... and the 1810s

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Film/TV Jun 2 5:32 PM

Race and Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Best Thing on the New Disney Series Is an Angry Black Woman

Film/TV May 20 4:20 PM

Unstreamable Is Moving!

Come find us on Scarecrow’s blog.

Film/TV May 9 3:00 PM

A Big List of Unstreamable Movies

Turn off the internet and touch some tapes.