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Obsessed by Northwest

Why David Schmader Watched Every Single Movie Ever Filmed in Washington and Oregon

Good as Hell

Legendary Drone Band Earth Finally Receives Their Hero’s Welcome

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Film/TV Mar 10 11:39 AM

The True Meaning of Communism in Last of Us

You Can’t Escape It, Even in the Zombie Apocalypse

Film/TV Mar 3 3:33 PM

Pest Friends Forever

Lizzie Gottlieb's New Documentary Examines the Maddening, Endearing Friendship Between an Editor and Writer

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Film/TV Mar 3 3:04 PM

The Best TV Series Right Now Is Chinese

Ignore Disney's The Mandalorian, Watch China Central Television's Three-Body

Film/TV Feb 14 2:12 PM

Somebody I Used to Know Is a Polyamory Bait Switch

Also Swapping, Oregon Plays Washington in This Charming Romantic Comedy

Film/TV Jan 17 5:37 PM

M3GAN Is a Seattle Gay Icon

But the Synthetic Star Is Also a Terrible Warning of What’s Soon to Come

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News Jan 13 10:51 AM

More Women Accuse YouTuber Andrew Callaghan of Sexual Misconduct and Assault

His Lawyer Won’t Let Us Publish Her Response on His Behalf

HUMP Dec 29 4:07 PM

Here's the 2023 HUMP! Film Festival Lineup!

Get Your Tickets Now, Early-Bird Pricing Only Available Through December 31!

Film/TV Dec 19 4:00 PM

A Movie That Feels like a Movie

Avatar: The Way of Water Is Peak Immersive Filmmaking

Film/TV Dec 19 3:11 PM

Those Who Love Kindred the Novel Will Certainly Hate Kindred the TV Series

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Missed What Made Octavia Butler's Book Such a Compelling Philosophical Story

Film/TV Dec 7 3:45 PM

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Dances With Darkness

Brilliant Northwest-Made Animation, Masterful Narrative Reworking, but Could Have Gone Harder on the Fascism

Film/TV Nov 29 1:38 PM

Tonight Is Your Last Chance to See Glass Onion in Theaters, and You Absolutely Should

All the Twists upon Twists Are Best Experienced on the Big Screen

Film/TV Nov 18 10:54 AM

Andrew Callaghan Comes Home

Seattle's Favorite YouTube Documentarian Previewed His Upcoming Documentary This Place Rules at the Crocodile

Film/TV Nov 14 3:07 PM

Wakanda Forever Is Artistically Not as Strong as Black Panther, but It's Politically More Radical

A History Lesson Lurks Below the Explosions, Clashing Swords, and Other Superhero Spectacles

Film/TV Nov 11 3:58 PM

Wakanda Forever's Promising Setup Fizzles

But the Film Does Get Some Things Right, Including How It Handles the Death of Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman