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Film/TV Sep 19 1:30 PM

Greta Gerwig’s Big Women's College Energy Is Showing

Barbie Land Centers Women in a Fun Mid-Century Fever Dream. But Its Splendors—and Its Limitations—Are All Too Real.

How to Make Cinerama's Famous Chocolate Popcorn

As Told to The Stranger by a Former Theater Employee

Cat Puppets and Existential Dread

Five More Movies to See at This Year’s Local Sightings Film Festival

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Fantasy A's Incoherent City

Is a Film About a Rapper Looking for a Mattress Absurd? Yes. But So Is Living in Seattle.

Film/TV Sep 6 2:10 PM

Six Records for Rotation Before The Elephant 6 Recording Co. 

C.B. Stockfleth’s New Documentary Digs into the ’90s Music Collective behind Neutral Milk Hotel, of Montreal, and the Minders

Film/TV Sep 1 12:15 PM

Bottoms Is the Horny Gay Teen Comedy of My Dreams

The Film Also Stars a Local Up-and-Coming Actor Named Marshawn Lynch

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Stranger Suggests Aug 28 10:30 AM

Today's Stranger Suggests: 20 Days in Mariupol

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Suggests Aug 11 10:30 AM

Today's Stranger Suggests: Kung Fu Clubhouse: Fist of Fury

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

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Stranger Suggests Aug 4 11:00 AM

Today's Stranger Suggests: Dreamin' Wild

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Music Aug 2 12:10 PM

The Improbable Story of Fruitland, WA Musicians Donnie and Joe Emerson

An Interview With Dreamin' Wild Director Bill Pohlad

Visual Art Jul 27 3:45 PM

Seattle's Big-Art Culture Has No Future After the Death of Paul Allen

The City Is Condemned to Wait for the Unlikely Kindness of Another Billionaire

Stranger Suggests Jul 22 11:00 AM

Today's Stranger Suggests: Oppenheimer in 35mm

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Film/TV Jul 20 4:13 PM

A Purely Scientific Review of Two Very Dissimilar Films

She's Barbie, He's Just the Father of the Atomic Bomb

Film/TV Jul 3 2:03 PM

What Is More Surreal, Boots Riley's I’m a Virgo or Capitalism?

The Creator of Sorry to Bother You Has Made Another Gloriously Surreal Anti-Capitalistic Masterpiece

Film/TV Jun 26 10:00 AM

What Does MoviePass 2.0 Mean for Local Theaters?

Local Cinemas May Not Have Agreed to Be Part of This Reincarnated Movie Subscription Service—They’re Going Along for the Ride Anyway

Film/TV Jun 16 3:38 PM

Capitalism's Solution to Climate Change? Turn Earth Into a Spaceship.

Natalia Almada's New Documentary Users Shows Us Our Possible, Terrifying Future