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Art and Performance Spring 2024 Yesterday 12:45 PM

Queen of Our World

When Sasha taqwšəblu LaPointe Writes, the Revolution’s Coming

News Yesterday 9:00 AM

The Seattle Public Library Announces 1,500 Hours of Closures in the Next Eight Weeks

Library Workers Say It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

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Person of Interest: Taha Ebrahimi

Seattle’s Coolest Street Tree Expert

Tessa Hulls’s Feeding Ghosts Is Instant Canon Fodder

Too Bad She’ll Never Write Another Graphic Novel

The Love & Sex Issue 2024 Feb 7 10:00 AM

The Books of Love

A Poem Recommendation for Every Stage of a Relationship

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Tech Dec 21 10:09 AM

AI Is Not an "Other," AI Is Us

Watch Part Two of Charles Mudede's Interview with Blaise Agüera y Arcas

Books Dec 18 9:42 AM

Do Not Fear AI, Says Seattle-Based AI Expert and Philosopher Blaise Agüera y Arcas

In His New Book Who Are We Now? He Argues That AI Is Not Understood If Humans Are Not Understood

Books Nov 28 2:32 PM

Losing Record

Shaun Scott's New Book Uncovers the Forgotten Wins, Losses, and Stories of Resiliency in Seattle's Sports History

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Stoned & Starving Oct 31 3:55 PM

Stoned & Starving with the Hoodwitch

Smoking Passion Flower and Eating Burgers at Harry's Fine Foods

Books Oct 19 12:49 PM

Seven Weird Things I Learned About D&D History from a 438-Page Tome

And You Thought Britney's Memoir Was Gonna Be Full of All the Good Gossip

Books Oct 12 10:17 AM

Gears of War

Tom Fucoloro's New Book Explores the Good, the Bad, and the Sometimes Shocking History of Seattle's Bike Culture

Books Sep 29 10:00 AM

What a Recent Portland Crime Might Tell Us About the Bartell Closings in Seattle

They Say It's Because of the Drugs and Crime. It's Not.

Stranger Suggests Sep 21 10:00 AM

Today's Stranger Suggests: Elizabeth Rush at Elliott Bay Book Company

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Shelf Life

New Local Releases to Read This Fall

A Shit Fountain

Seattle Author Kristi Coulter Recounts 12 Years of Tiptoeing over Amazon’s Male Fragility

Books Aug 24 12:02 PM

Father Figure

My Life in the Sunshine Is a Fantastic Memoir About Music, Family, and Seattle