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Dive Into Queer History with Three Fascinating New Books

Put These on Your Queer Summer Reading List Immediately

World War III Has Already Begun

Nothing should lead us to believe that the fall of the US and the rise of China will be peaceful

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Books Mar 14 3:25 PM

The United States Should Have a Turkey on Its Great Seal

Just think about it. We did while reading The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America's Bird.

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Books Mar 10 12:30 PM

Why Harvey Fierstein Gave Up Anonymous Sex

That plus other things we learned while Harvey spilled his guts out to Bianca Del Rio last night.

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Books Jan 20 11:00 AM

Hello to All That

Revisiting Joan Didion's Essay, “Goodbye to All That,” as I Leave Seattle for New York

Books Dec 20 2:45 PM

What Amanda Gorman Owes the Reader (and What the Reader Owes Her)

Call Us What We Carry, Gorman’s first full-length book, will not satiate any of her social media critics. Nor can I call it a great collection.

Books Dec 9 1:23 PM

Fake It Until You Feel It

Seattle writer Colleen Louise Barry chats with NY writer Sarah Jean Alexander about naming a book after herself, and how Alexander rediscovered her voice after breaking her jaw.