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This Week's Comics: Sometimes Sleeping Beauty Has to Rescue Herself

It’s Legally Blonde meets Mad Max in the Dark Ages

This Week's Comics: We Need a Gruop of Proofreaders

Plus: Audacious Violence, Disorienting Plots, and a Book for Book Lovers

Killer Prophets?

Leah Sottile's When the Moon Turns to Blood Examines Mormon Extremism at the Roots of Alleged Murders

Film/TV Jul 27 4:16 PM

I Want To Show You Why My Negative Review of Don’t Look Up Was Wrong

History Has a Record of Something Just Like Meryl Streep’s Failed Rocket Launch

Books Jul 22 3:14 PM

Inside Former Stranger Critic Emily Hall’s New Book

The Longcut Follows a Scrapped Novel About Seattle’s Art Scene

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Picture Books Jul 22 1:03 PM

This Week’s Comics: The Wrong Kind of Mystery

Next Time, Try Saving the Dog

Books Jul 1 3:09 PM

This Week’s Comics: A Big Gay Heist Blends Indiana Jones with Oscar Wilde

Plus: Gentleman Thieves, Beautiful Meat Bags, and Wild Queer Fun

Suggests Jun 28 10:30 AM

Bring the Family to Swish Around at Drag Queen Storytime

Featuring Lil Miss Hot Mess and Her New Children’s Book

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Books Jun 22 12:27 PM

Dive Into Queer History with Three Fascinating New Books

Put These on Your Queer Summer Reading List Immediately

Books Jun 16 11:01 AM

World War III Has Already Begun

Nothing should lead us to believe that the fall of the US and the rise of China will be peaceful

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Books Mar 14 3:25 PM

The United States Should Have a Turkey on Its Great Seal

Just think about it. We did while reading The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America's Bird.

Books Mar 10 12:30 PM

Why Harvey Fierstein Gave Up Anonymous Sex

That plus other things we learned while Harvey spilled his guts out to Bianca Del Rio last night.