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Books May 19 12:00 PM

Today's Stranger Suggests: Jane Wong with Michelle Peñaloza and Jin Ai Huang

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Books Apr 10 12:00 PM

We Almost Lost the Couth Buzzard Last Week, for Crying Out Loud, and I Won’t Stand for It

Seattle Needs Every Indie Hippieshit Bookstore-Slash-Community Space We Can Hang Onto. Most of All This One.

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Books Mar 23 12:30 PM

Soft Sounds from Another Planet

Talking to Michelle Zauner About Growing Up in Oregon, Moving to South Korea, and Writing a Screenplay Based on Her Memoir

Bananas Are Creepy Yellow Fingers Full of Blood

A New Poetry Collection Tells the Whole Story

Books Mar 7 2:03 PM

Steve Turner Dishes the Dirt in Mud Ride

A History of Grunge in the Form of a Memoir by Mudhoney's Guitarist

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Books Feb 20 4:08 PM

Heat Waves

Climate Journalist Jake Bittle on Climate Migration, Climate Displacement and How the Pacific Northwest Isn’t Prepared for Either

Books Feb 13 12:35 PM

California Über Alles

Malcolm Harris on How Tech-Hub Palo Alto Is (and Isn't) Like Seattle and Why He Doesn't Mention the Grateful Dead in His New Book Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism, and the World

Books Jan 31 1:56 PM

An Interview With Annalee Newitz

"I Love Hearing the Opinions of Worms and Cats"

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Books Jan 27 11:11 AM

An Interview With Aubrey Gordon

“I Hope This Is a Book That Becomes Obsolete Very Quickly.”

Books Jan 18 4:56 PM

Literary Genius Jonathan Raban Has Died

The Travel Writer and Novelist was 80 Years Old

Books Jan 13 1:28 PM

Aubrey Gordon's “You Just Need to Lose Weight” Is a Sharp Sword Against Anti-Fatness

The Maintenance Phase Co-host and Your Fat Friend Columnist Wrote 20 Short, Sourced Arguments You Can Hand to Your Body-Shaming Mom (and Doctor)

Books Jan 5 1:47 PM

Two Graphic Novels to Tuck Into During the Big Dark

Immerse Yourself in the Worlds Created by Megan Kelso and Brett Hamil

Picture Books Dec 22 12:25 PM

This Week's Comics: A Film-Noir Murder Mystery in a Magic Fantasy City

Plus: Mythical Demons and a Friendly Chupacabra!

Film/TV Dec 19 3:11 PM

Those Who Love Kindred the Novel Will Certainly Hate Kindred the TV Series

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Missed What Made Octavia Butler's Book Such a Compelling Philosophical Story

Music Dec 16 2:32 PM

Transmissions from Unknown Sources

Kranky Co-founder Bruce Adams's You're with Stupid Documents a World-Class Record Label and Music Scene

Books Dec 6 1:30 PM

Adam Smith: The Worst Influencer

A Scottish Thinker, American Politicians, and the Fuckery of Free Markets

Books Dec 5 11:20 AM

Mudede's Book Nook

Charles Mudede Recommends Books for Everyone on Your Gift List