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Guest Rant Jul 10 9:00 AM

State and Local Elections Are More Important Than Ever

Especially After Landmark Supreme Court Rulings and the Prospect of Trump’s Return to the White House

Guest Rant Jul 3 11:21 AM

The Local Roots of the SCOTUS Decisions

The Conservative Backlash Started at Home, and That’s Where We Must End It

Guest Rant Jun 28 9:00 AM

The Seattle City Council Must Listen to Voters and Pass the Transportation Levy We Need

Support Council Member Tammy Morales’s Version of the Levy 

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Guest Rant Jun 27 9:00 AM

Mad about School Closures? Blame Our State Supreme Court.

Washington Voters Must Elect Judges Willing to Allow the Legislature to Amply Fund Education

Guest Rant Jun 25 9:00 AM

Seattle Parents Are Right to Yell About School Closures

But They’re Yelling the Wrong Things at the Wrong People

Guest Rant Jun 21 10:00 AM

Stop Trying to Put Cops Back in Seattle Schools

SROs Don’t Make Schools Safer–I Know from Experience

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Guest Rant Jun 14 10:42 AM

Why I Interrupted Vice President Kamala Harris at Her Seattle Fundraiser

I Hoped the Action Would Lead to More Action

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Guest Rant Jun 4 10:00 AM

Remember the Seattle Lawsuit that Ended School Integration?

The 70th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education Should Prompt Reflection on Our Role in Segregating Schools

Guest Rant May 23 9:00 AM

UW’s Problematic War Profiteering “Friend,” Boeing

The Popular University for Gaza Packed Up, but Its Demands Remain Relevant

Guest Rant May 20 9:00 AM

Shrinking Levy Transit Funding Won’t Help Seattle Reach Its Climate Goals

Freeing Buses from Traffic Gridlock Would Be Money Well Spent

Guest Rant May 17 9:34 AM

Don’t Leave Communities Out of the Transportation Levy

Keeping BIPOC Communities in Place as Light Rail Expands Should Be a Key Component of the Seattle Transportation Levy

Guest Rant May 16 3:54 PM

Lost Melodies

The Costs of Underfunded Music Education in Washington

Guest Rant May 15 10:00 AM

Help Us Make Social Housing a Success in Seattle

Housing Is a Human Right and a Powerful Green New Deal Solution

Guest Rant Apr 29 9:00 AM

King County Workers Deserve a Fair Wage

One Job Should Be Enough 

Guest Rant Apr 25 9:00 AM

2024 Is a Fight for Our Democracy

Join My Campaign to Save It