Forced Out

Since May of 2023, The Stranger has kept in touch with several transgender adults as they fled to blue states to seek refuge from laws passed this year in red states, including policies that restricted or outright banned their health care and challenged their ability to participate fully in public life.

These firsthand accounts detail how this legislation drastically altered the lives of normal people—like wage-workers, engineers, corporate employees, and college students—many of whom decided to leave their homes for the first time.

Forced Out Nov 27 9:00 AM

Forced Out: The Nursing Student

Florida’s Anti-Trans Laws Forced Hayden to Travel 14 Hours for Medicine and Leave Behind an Ailing Father

Forced Out Nov 13 9:18 AM

Forced Out: The Corporate Success

After Friends Flee Anti-Trans Laws in Missouri, Jamie Plans New Life in Seattle

Forced Out Nov 6 9:30 AM

Forced Out: Deep in the Heart of Texas

They Needed to Leave, but They Couldn’t Afford to Move

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Forced Out Oct 30 9:47 AM

Forced Out: The Electrical Engineer

Anti-Trans Laws in Florida Forced a Woman to Quit Her Dream Job with NASA

Forced Out Oct 23 9:26 AM

Forced Out

He Fled Florida’s Anti-Trans Laws Only to Run Head First into Seattle’s Affordability Crisis