Dear Lake Washington High School,

You know what you've done and you will be punished -- not with violence but with personal guilt in the minds of the faculty. Your education system is absurd; your teachers are burned out, and for the most part, hateful to all around. It's not obvious whether your goal is in fact to make dumb people dumber and smart people more rebellious, but that's the final outcome.

Yearly, you boost the budget of the sports teams and cut the budget of other programs (the music department, for example), and then you judge the students simply by their clothes and personal appearance. When I wore a leather coat to your school, I was immediately brought into the principal's office and accused of having drugs on campus.

The works of H. R. Giger are banned from the school, while school-funded clubs such as the one called "Deez Nutz" receive clothing bearing that name. So, FUCK YOU Lake Washington High School! And you can take your restraining order and stick it up your self-serving, soul-stealing, steroid-injected asses.

-- Anonymous