So you're tempted to have an affair, are you? Well take it from me... don't. The closest analogy I can make is describing a drug addiction. You know you shouldn't do it, but it's absolutely irresistible and you can't stay away because it feels so good when it's working out. You're arrogant enough to think you can do it, not be affected, and walk away at ANY time. Then you're reminded of the "significant others," and it feels so bad it makes you sick... until you can get another "fix" that's so good it takes all of your concerns away. Then there are times of losing your dignity (like druggies who are so low they don't care anymore), but your fix makes you forget all that as well. And when you realize you've got a big fucking problem on your hands, you'll try to control it... but you can't -- you're addicted.

At that point, you don't really get high from it anymore. You need it just to feel normal. So then you try to go cold turkey. That sucks. You go through withdrawals... you'll want to call. But after making it for a couple of days, you can slowly start feeling your strength return, and you catch glimpses of your former life and what it must feel like to be a normal, undivided, non-duplicitous person again. But the pusher returns; knowing it's killing you, but not letting you walk away. He/she calls or e-mails, and you're sucked back in. It's a vicious fucking circle, and you have everything to lose... with little chance for a happy ending. -Anonymous