You guys fucking suck! I saw your show at the Storeroom a while back, and I now have a new most-hated band. You were a textbook example of how a band incites a crowd to turn against them. First we had to wait for an hour after your scheduled start time, the crowd chanting "play some music!" before you finally took the stage. Then your lead guitarist subjected us to a 15-minute course of Flashy Metal Riffs 101 while your singer "prepared" to perform. Singer Dude eventually graced us with his presence, and you began to unleash your predictable assault of bland metalcore (one Pantera is more than enough, boys)... and then you acted all indignant when the crowd started slamming and throwing beer! At one point Malmsteen Mustaine actually threw down his guitar and lunged at the nearest slam-dancer! Attacking the audience?! Did you guys come to play music or pick a fight?

Your set finally came to a dramatic close when Mr. Frontman took a beer cup to the head and freaked out, diving at a member of the following band. This was all too much for your groupie/goon squad, as no less than three more gorillas from your entourage jumped on the surprised musician, knocking over a bunch of equipment. It was a black day in rock 'n' roll as the poor guy got ejected for being dog-piled by your thick-necked posse. One dude was even pulling his hair! How fucking weak! Then all you fuckers stood around with your shirts off, posturing like you just conquered Metal Mountain. "Undisputed Heavyweight Champions"? Pfuh! Try "Uninspired Heavy Metal Chumps." You guys fucking suck, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to bring you down.