To the Mariners pitching staff, including Brian Price: I've seen you guys many times, and I've said, "Hi." I've even asked for autographs and taken pictures. My goal this season is to get into your locker room and shower with you hot and sweaty boys after a game. Do you want to play?


Good heavens! After the first installment of Celebrity I Saw U, I got a small e-mountain of e-mail messages from folks hoping to reach out to the stars they love. But tag-teaming the entire Mariners pitching staff? Now that's chutzpah! Gotta love a gal with goals.

In our next letter, "MM" sends a warm, personal message to Al Franken. Personally, I think that of all the sexy and desirable stars "MM" could be sending messages to, Al Franken is right up there with that stoma-smoking lady from those anti-smoking commercials. But that's just me.


We were in Costa Rica in January. When you strolled to the balcony to take in the view, I seized the opportunity and said, "Excuse me--are you Al Franken?" Indeed, you were! Later, my lucky friend found himself standing "urinal to urinal" with you. You told him a joke. He didn't get your joke, but he laughed anyway out of nervousness. Stunned by the glow of celebrity, we failed to note how warm, pleasant, and gregarious you were. How ridiculous! Why didn't we tell you? WHY? So Al, please remember that you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people really DO like you, even if they act like morons in your presence.


Peeing with Al Franken? It just doesn't get any better than that! Our next letter proves it's never too late to say I love you.


Me: Terrified brown-haired girl in red jacket with camera at the WTO riots. We stood on the corner of Sixth and Union during the riots. You held my hands and told me they were cold, trying to calm me down; I was so blown away I couldn't even say thank you. I am still so pissed I was in shock and didn't talk to you more. Can I buy you coffee and thank you in person?


Getting gassed with Dave Matthews? Wow, I guess it actually does get better!

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