Dear roommates: I have asked you not to pee in the shower. It's a simple request. I am not comfortable standing on your piss, however "sanitary" it might be. I don't care or believe that "everyone does it," like you say. You promised you wouldn't months ago. I took your word for it. But now I'm certain you have disregarded this request. Last week you tried to convince me of the glory of pissing in the shower. "It's like a circle of life," you said, "the hot water spraying down you as you let it all flow." I bet eating a hoagie while taking a dump feels the same way--but no one does it. You know why? Because it's fucking disgusting. If this persists, I'm going to start setting plastic cups full of my urine in refrigerator. What? You want me to take them out of the fridge? But piss is sanitary! Show me some fucking respect. Piss in the toilet like a normal human. We're not in France.