Columns Sep 19, 2002 at 4:00 am

Amateurs and Pedophiles


I really hope SAD didn't become a teacher... its really a horrifying thought.
SAD and others like him should consider this:
Can you tell when someone is attracted to you? Can you tell when someone likes you "more than a friend"? Can you tell when someone wants to FUCK you?

Kids are not idiots. They can tell too. It is a deeply disturbing experience to be a child and get those vibes from an adult. Period.

If you are attracted to children and you HAVE A FUCKING CONSCIENCE stay away from kids, get yourself into an adult relationship (with someone WITHOUT children) and get some therapy.
I agree with you on all except one of your points whatevname: "get yourself into an adult relationship". This is never going to happen, or at least not happen healthily. Like sociopaths, paedophiles cannot change the very fucked up wiring in their brain. They can control themselves, they can even live relatively normal lives (with the help of intense therapy of course, and in many cases chemical castration), but they cannot enter into a healthy adult relationship.
On second readings, I also disagree with you on your first point. Many paedophiles actually think children are flirting with them.
If you are reading this and do have a sexual attraction to children, and are human enough to realise that this is sick, I urge you to go to whatever lengths needed (including institutionalisation if needed), to protect what you, in your own really fucking sick way, love.
It appears SADBOY was aware enough of the volatility of his situation to write -- and he did say he had never acted on his impusles. I hope he took Dan's sa(va)ge advice. If he felt education was actually his calling, there are careers in education that don't have direct contact with kids (i.e. research). But it is probably best if he avoids kid-oriented careers and gets the help he needs for "the good fight" ahead of him.

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