FRONT OF BOOK Letters: Didn't read.... Last Days: Pure joy. Readers should be advised to read merely Mr. Schmader's column, then toss aside the bulk of the paper.... NEWS Two smart pieces from Sandeep Kaushik, who appears to be a real find for The Stranger's news department. Perhaps The Stranger should consider a change in its news editor position?.... SHORT FEATURE Unavailable at deadline.... FEATURE A well-written piece, though one suspects that The Stranger's fascination with boxing (and its ignoring of other sports) has less to do with the sport of boxing itself than with (a) Editor Dan Savage's "sexual orientation," and (b) the fact that boxers bout one another sans shirts.... FILM Two blustery articles by Sean Nelson, plus an insipid rant by Bradley Steinbacher. Why has The Stranger, which once prided itself on its film coverage, allowed its film section to crumble in such a painful fashion?.... BOOKS Didn't read.... WEBSITE A special section containing a snide article by Bradley Steinbacher that manages to be even more doltish than his aforementioned article in the film section.... ART Didn't read.... THEATER An extensive preview of the upcoming Seattle Fringe Festival that has unfortunately been marred by a long-winded, gloating introduction by Dan Savage. Does this man's ego know no bounds?.... CHOW Didn't read.... MUSIC Skimmed.... ETC. It's My Party: Didn't read.... Celeb I Saw U: Too gay.... I Love TV: Shockingly immature this week, even for the reliably childish Wm.™ Steven Humphrey.... Savage Love: A surprising column this week, as Savage takes a reader to task for his obscene attraction toward children.... Obits: Didn't read.