I HATE MAYONNAISE AND MUSTARD!!!!! I always order my burgers "with no mayo or mustard, please." But those stupid fucks who work at fast-food joints either can't speak English or they are just assembly-line idiots, because no matter where I go, someone always fucks up my order! I mean, how hard is it to NOT put mayo and mustard on a frickin' burger??!!! I gladly pay for a burger with NO MAYO OR MUSTARD, but when I get home from the drive-thru I realize that I have been screwed once again by their incompetence!!!! So all you people behind me at the drive-thru can just wait for me to check my burger for the offending substances while I am still sitting at the window--YES, after I have paid. If you don't like waiting behind people who have to check their food at the drive-thru, then you can complain to the idiots in the restaurant about why they always FUCK UP MY ORDER!!!!!! This is not brain surgery, folks, it's a goddamned request for no mayonnaise or mustard!! DO YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THAT, YOU ASSEMBLY-LINE ROBOTS???!!!!! --Anonymous