Playing with Couples

This week I did one of my favorite things: I showed a woman how to top her husband. She was a quiet little thing, never held a flogger before in her life, but damned if she wasn't swinging that whip like Ted Williams before we were finished.

When I meet with a couple, the usual story is this: The man wants to play the submissive, and he wants his wife to be the mistress. She's willing to try, but she has no experience, and she's confused and intimidated by the idea of trying to measure up to this unfamiliar fantasy. I explain to these husbands, "You've been thinking about this for years, and you know exactly how you want it to be. It's great that you're sharing your fantasies with her. But she needs a little time to catch up."

What's also frequently true is that while the husband says he wants to be the submissive, he has actually been completely controlling their experiments. This couple is no exception. Mrs. Mistress has been so focused on trying to fulfill his fantasy that she hasn't experienced any of the real pleasures of sensual dominance. I, however, am going to change all that.

First I show Mrs. Mistress how she truly isn't going to damage her husband's butt with a soft suede flogger, even if she swings it as hard as she can. "Don't worry," I say. "They all squeal like that. It means he likes it." Then we hog-tie him, hook electrodes up to his sensitive places, and teach him the art of erotic toe-sucking. "See how if we turn the dial up higher, he sucks harder and faster?"

There is always a moment in the session when something falls into place in the woman's mind and she gets it. You can see it in her face: Ohhhh... I'm the mistress. I get what I want. You have to please me. Hubby looks up at his wife cackling with sadistic pleasure as she makes him writhe on the floor with her foot in his mouth, and his expression is that of a man caught between apprehension and arousal. Oh shit, I think I've created a monster, and it's really turning me on.

I just love this. It's sexy to see the balance of power shift. And watching them, I feel a bit like I'm spreading my favorite brand of sexual liberation, one couple at a time.

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