Nose ring TEARS

Shut the fuck up, you whiny little bitch. So what if the managers went to dinner at an expensive restaurant after the staff party? As a kid, did you cry when your mommy and daddy went out to dinner without you? The managers deserved that dinner after spending a year getting rid of the worthless, no-talent people who were bringing us down--people like you. Oh, I'm so sorry that the former managers, whose asses you kissed every day, are no longer here to tell you how great you are. I'm sure that they would have invited you to dine with them if they were still here. But a nose ring, an inflated ego, and no discernable talent doesn't get you as far as it used to, does it, "princess"? Well, you can take your nose ring and shove it up your tattooed ass. The new guys are great--all of us are glad they're here and the old guys are gone. My suggestion for you is to try and get your haggard, hung-over ass to work on time for a change and do your job. You always tell everyone how cool you are and how you could go somewhere else. Okay, fine. If you don't like it here, then leave. Believe me, we can more than manage without you.