April 17, 2003 · VOL. 12, NO. 31

FRONT OF BOOK Letters: A full page of fresh complaints from Stranger readers, complaints that showcase yet again just how much more intelligent the paper's readers are than its producers.... Last Days: Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.... NEWS An editorial suggestion: Change the section name from "News" to "Siesta," continue publishing normal product.... SHORT FEATURE Yet another protester-criticizing diatribe by Dan Savage. That sound you may hear is most surely the collective yawn of Seattle's citizens.... FEATURE A massive section devoted to the cuisine of France, wherein The Stranger's fleet of dunderheaded "writers" are labeled "food critics" and unleashed on the fine restaurants of Seattle. Mon dieu!.... THEATER Didn't read.... BOOKS Too gay.... ART Didn't read.... FOOD None this week (outside of the aforementioned massive feature package, that is).... MUSIC Nearly indecipherable, as usual.... FILM A pleasant profile by David Schmader, followed by a rather pretentious review by Sean Nelson. Via golf terminology: par for the course.... ETC. It's My Party: Didn't read.... I Love TV: Abandoning any attempt at wit, Mr. Humphrey instead turns to outright blasphemy.... Nightstand: Didn't read.... Control Tower: Didn't read.... Savage Love: Rather dull this week. Perhaps Mr. Savage should divert his attentions away from continually attacking his readership and return his sights to more easily attainable topics for his intellect, such as sodomy and other filthy acts.... Celebrity I Saw U: Too gay