When I saw you and your wife in the middle of the crosswalk pushing a stroller, I didn't slow down. I kept right on driving at the legal 30 miles per hour, and approvingly watched your wife realize there was a car coming and sprint out of the way with the stroller. Why? Because the light for me was straight-up green, and had been since your ignorant ass led your family into a life-threatening jaywalking stroll. I laughed as you turned to give me a glare, and stopped to see what you had to say (the light was STILL green). You had the audacity to get in my grill. I calmly informed you that you were completely and legally in the wrong, and you said, "Did you see the child?" You bet I did, smart-ass! You ought to be ashamed for risking your family's life by crossing a busy arterial against the light at night. Then I peeled out, flipping you the bird, and leaving you looking like the chump you are in front of the family you don't deserve to have, jackass.