I brought my bird to your veterinary clinic when she injured her wing and leg, and you put a little bandage on her wing. Two weeks later, the wing was healed but her leg still seemed in pain, so I brought her back for an x-ray. I wanted to make sure she wasn't needlessly suffering, but I knew the visit would upset her. And now I know why! When I arrived, the x-ray technician wouldn't let me come to the exam. When he brought my bird back out, he handed me a wad of gauze and a spray bottle of peroxide, saying "She bit me." I looked down and saw her healed wing bleeding again! Then you pointed to the opposite foot from the one I had x-rayed to show me a NEW injury!! By the time I got her home, she couldn't even stand up! She shook and cowered, her foot swelling and turning blue. I stopped payment on those checks, asshole. I'm not going to pay to have my tiny, helpless bird brutalized. None of you sick bastards should ever be allowed near animals!!