To the shibal-nom-a who broke into my car and stole my laptop: It was like you cut off my arm. I had everything in there. Two novels, years of photos, work files, and more, and since I'm a full-time volunteer these days, I have no money to buy a new computer. Fuck you. I wonder if you noticed that the keyboard is in Korean. That's how I write e-mails to all my friends in Seoul, and there aren't any gray Compaq Evo 160 laptops with an English/Korean keyboard around Seattle. Good luck pawning it--I called all the shops in town. Good luck selling it over the Internet--I'm online 24/7. Everyone in Seattle who reads The Stranger will see it and know that you're a laptop-stealing, car-invading shibal-nom-a. Since you probably can't read or write Korean, let me be translator for you. Shibal-nom-a means "motherfucker." That's what you are, and you can turn on my laptop and check for yourself.