1919 Second Ave, 441-4055

Ian on Second Avenue sells some great women's clothing and accessories. Like fabulous Eurotrash Juicy handbags-my personal favorite is the pink one with the huge gold-plated chain-link strap. They've also got great designer jean lines like Paper Denim ($184), For All Mankind ($178), and Citizens of Humanity ($149). And with summer barreling down on us you can't go wrong with the very hot hot pants by G-Star ($100).

Then there's L.A.M.B. Boudoir, which in case you don't know, and I didn't, is Gwen Stefani's label. Some of the line is for teenage girl fans. The stuff at Ian is not.

I might be in the minority here, but I don't like Ms. Stefani. Her style is all over the place and I find her exhausting to watch and listen to. She's too shrill and in-your-face. The New York Times described her latest live show like this: "She has made herself at home in a hyper-saturated pop landscape, offering listeners a mad rush of styles and poses, too many to take seriously or keep straight. The message, such as it was, reached her fans loud and unclear."

Her label is this way too. A cute, tight, little T-shirt that was see-through ($65) was the first L.A.M.B. Boudoir piece to catch my eye. Then I noticed a pristine white garter belt ($95), and a beautiful mini skirt-black, with garter belts on the outside, detailed in inch-thick satin black ribbon ($215). Beautiful, yes, but what is Gwen trying to say? Virgin/whore/trendy/goth? The pieces were pretty scrambled, just like Ms. Stefani herself.