NEWS In Exhibit Z from The Stranger's ongoing Flogging Dead Horses file, AMY JENNIGES pens a follow-up to her feature story from last week on Lake Washington High School. Then: ERICA C. BARNETT offers some minor blather on supposed ethics complaints against city council members, ELI SANDERS follows suit with some blather of his own on Nickels's lack of support from neighborhoods, and JOSH FEIT "investigates" some minor tiff between Seattle City Light and a Native American tribe. PLUS: In the Hall, Sound Bite, and Police Beat.

SHORT FEATURE Wild Boy CHRISTOPHER DeLAURENTI, whose column, The Score, is routinely the lone semblance of intelligence in The Stranger's bloated music section, pens an entertaining—if a tad breezy—profile of a local music fanatic named "Durandy."

FEATURE The Campaign TrialFormer Stranger staffer PHIL CAMPBELL offers an excerpt from his forthcoming book on the failed city council campaign of monorail obsessive/screenwriter/local pseudo-celebrity Grant Cogswell. It's a smart, engaging read—and the fact that it comes from a former Stranger staffer shouldn't go unnoticed.