NEWS ELI SANDERS reports on possible GOP election chicanery. His analysis is, as usual, completely biased and, atypically, utterly damning. Today I am ashamed to be a Republican. ALSO: Some blather about a homeless shelter possibly closing due to supposedly unfair regulations, as well as further blather on a proposal by Mayor Nickels to make a night-club-regulating committee permanent. AND FINALLY: A roundup of election-night parties, quite possibly with actual election results (if The Stranger's "crack," as in crack-addled, news team can stay awake long enough, that is). PLUS: In the Hall, In Other Neighborhoods, and Police Beat

FEATURE Moldy MoneySome gent named LARS RUSSELL files a story on a group of dope-smoking Hurricane Katrina survivors who are squandering government funds on their various appalling habits. Just why this is news—let alone feature worthy—remains a mystery. My guess: A week can't go by without The Stranger endorsing, or at the very least promoting, marijuana abuse in its pages.

GENERAL OBSERVATIONS Every once in a very great while The Stranger lures, no doubt through nefarious means, a writer of note into its pages. This week the esteemed Jonathan Raban elevates this rag with his byline. Setting aside idle speculation about just how the paper was able to nab a piece by Mr. Raban (incriminating photos, perhaps?), the appearance of the essay itself represents one of those rare moments when something in The Stranger can be deemed a "must-read." One hopes the damage to Mr. Raban's reputation won't be extensive.