NEWS This week finds The Stranger's news section covering relevant news, playing painful catch-up after being scooped, and working to undermine their credibility in a single blow. First up is ERICA C. BARNETT on the surprising resignation of city council member Jim Compton. So far so good. Next? ELI SANDERS interviews a beloved local disc jockey about what some believe to be his bloated salary—a story first broken by The Stranger's competitor Seattle Weekly. Better late than never, I guess. And finally: THOMAS FRANCIS on—wait for it—a local bar. Egad. PLUS: In Other News, In Other Neighborhoods, CounterIntel, and Police Beat

SHORT FEATURE Strangercrombie Wrap-Up It appears The Stranger's annual holiday boondoggle managed to net some $39,000 for a local charity. Kudos. But are over a thousand words of self-congratulatory blather really necessary? If you're the spoiled children who run the paper, the answer appears to be: yes.

FEATURE Our Worst EnemyFor weeks now I've complained that The Stranger's new "Our Worst Enemy" series—in which an innocent by the name of CIENNA MADRID is forced to partake in mundane, often hideous, events in the name of entertaining the paper's feeble-headed editors—is a pox upon journalism. Now it appears that all those first pieces were merely opening salvos for this feature package, which should infuriate any and all in possession of a conscience.

GENERAL COMMENTS Those right-minded individuals who despise this wretched publication will want to take note of what's coming for next week's issue: The Stranger Regrets for 2005. Beyond the obvious joy to be found in watching Stranger writers atone for their sins, the issue will also contain my annual canvas of every objectionable (and in some cases, actionable) blunder and assault against journalism the paper accrued over the past year. See you then.