This is rich: JOSH FEIT takes the Seattle Times editorial board to task for daring to endorse a Republican. Perhaps the Times should respond with a question of its own: When has Feit, or any of the other glue-sniffing goons at The Stranger, endorsed, let alone voted for, someone who wasn't a Democrat? And I'm sorry, Mr. Feit, but The Stranger's ill-concealed crush on Hugh Foskett doesn't count. So, to be clear: Has The Stranger ever endorsed a Republican who doesn't look quite so fetching in his underpants as Mr. Foskett? ALSO: Does it really matter? PLUS: In the Hall, In Other News, and Police Beat

SHORT FEATURE: Crashing the Party

Speaking of self-interested reporting: PAUL CONSTANT, whose charming little book scribblings I have occasionally admired, appears to have been strong-armed into writing good things about The Stranger's Genius Awards function. Set down that grain of salt—you'll need a whole lick to choke down this "reporting."

SHORT FEATURE: Unrest in Pieces

Fittingly, the powers that be at The Stranger had to search outside their own office to finds someone with a moral compass. Hence this piece: DAN RUISI wrestling with the moral complexities of Bodies: The Exhibition.

FEATURE: Pumpkin Smashing

In honor of Halloween, The Stranger eschews publishing fiction under the guise of fact, and instead publishes outright fiction by KEVIN O'BRIEN. A decent yarn.