I enjoyed seeing you at the high-school reunion. All those memories—you were the "it" girl on campus. You got into all the cool parties and cliques. So you really didn't need to or want to go out with a "nowhere guy" like me. You loved telling me that and laughing to all of your friends about me asking you out. It was quite a joke. You continued to party after high school. I went to college and have a career as an engineer. I paid cash for my condo, for my vacation condo on the Big Island, and for my Mercedes. You paid cash for your last pack of cigarettes. I lead a bachelor's life. You've got three kids and don't know for sure who the father of one of them is. Now you're ready to settle down to family life and you see the mistake you made back in 1971. You tell me you always really liked me. And you're willing to let me into your life and the lives of those three crack babies you're trying to raise. I'm not going to laugh at you. You're too pathetic for that.