I hate to glorify what you did by giving it any more publicity, but this is no lurid recap of your grotesque crime. This is a warning and a not-so-veiled threat. I may not have known Shannon Harps, but I am a 30-year-old woman living alone on Capitol Hill who could just as easily have been coming home with an armload of groceries at 7:00 p.m. this New Year's Eve. And I know many other women like Shannon and myself: independent, socially conscious, loving, beautiful, intelligent women working jobs that make the world a better place who moved here to start adult lives for themselves. Whole, complete lives—and Shannon will never get to do that. Because of you. You didn't want her groceries, her money, or her sex. You wanted her life. And though she screamed for it, you still got it. Well, you should know there are a lot of angry women and the husbands, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, guy buddies (and their pit bulls) that love them who are just as pissed off. Women are brushing up on their self-defense, traveling in pairs, and looking over their shoulders while keeping their trigger fingers on the Mace. If you're caught before this goes to print, good. I hope you rot in jail—and let this warning go out to any other soulless asshole who thinks it might be fun to attack a woman. If not, although the SPD can't issue threats, I sure as hell can. Watch out, motherfucker, this enraged white female isn't carrying Mace. I've got my own knife. And I'll be aiming right for your balls.