There are rumors of war.

All over the Sonics blogs, fans are plotting nonviolent protests against Clay Bennett, David Stern, and the NBA. Some bloggers are trying to organize a total fan walkout during an upcoming, nationally televised Sonics game. Other bloggers want fans to walk onto the court and occupy it during that same game.

I doubt there's going to be a huge protest, but individual fans are getting restless. More and more fans are irrationally screaming at the refs for "bad" calls that instant replays prove to be good. More and more fans are screaming insults at visiting coaches and players. More and more fans are getting loudly and visibly drunk.

Last week, against Memphis, there were 20 to 30 more Seattle cops than usual. During time-outs and game breaks, those cops gathered at the corners of the arena, preventing public access to the court.

This is all going to end badly.

Some drunken, angry, asshole fan will attack a cop, a security guard, a Sonics official, or another fan. And this attack might escalate into a larger battle. And 5, 10, or 15 other asshole fans might join the fight.

Witnessing this from my seat, I'll be unsurprised and inconsolable. recommended