You were clean for so long that I actually trusted you enough to move in with you and let you have a relationship with our infant son. Admittedly, this was stupid of me, seeing as you're still on probation for the last psycho thing you did when you were still using. But I wasn't alone in believing you were over the shit. Your friends and family are all shocked that you relapsed. Before walking out on me and your son to get SPUN, the last thing you said was that you love us, goodnight. But then you left work early, never went back, virtually disappeared, and none of your family or sober friends have heard from you. You are a fucking loser. You haven't called me or even your dad to see if your son is okay.

You've broken every promise to us and yourself. I'm sure your already disgusting teeth have completely rotted out of your mouth by now. You don't realize how badly you have fucked me and our son over. You probably don't even know what day it is or how long you've been gone. I hope that when you get MRSA—like you always do when you do meth—it kills you this time.