It is noon and I should go outside to grab some food, but I've just read "Bells and Buddha Jokes" in the Chow section and I'm not hungry anymore. Cienna Madrid found some secret Indian restaurant on Pine Street and wanted to share with us this marvelous discovery. Now I need to forget that article and all the odours, spices, meals, and beverages it evokes because Indian food makes me sick.

I had a look on the Fall Arts section with the same disgust grimace on my face. Oh, yeah, it's great, all these wonderful artistic events taking place in Seattle! What a lovely city, full with arts and culture! All of them will be delightful, for sure. I hope you will enjoy them. Because I'll be gone by then and I won't even have the slightest chance to attend any of them. It's like beholding a Christmas tree on late November, knowing that you'll be dropped dead before Christmas. But I don't care, I'll be in Paris. Humpf.

In Paris—where we are polite, unlike this rude German Pantha Du Prince, a musician who was too busy recording to answer a phone call. Please. Even if you are not available, you can just pick up the phone, say I'm-not-available-you-can-call-me-back-in-one-hour-or-two, and hang up. That's the least you can do, especially when the call comes from America and you're in Germany. Voice mails are so unwelcoming. I may listen to the guy's album to see if his rudeness was worth it, but I could not read the entire article since I wanted to hurt him every single time he was quoted.

In fact, I assume I may download illegally one or two songs by him and buy instead Root for Ruin, the new album by Les Savy Fav. Catching randomly some few sentences on the music page, this is the one that seemed the most worthy of my interest. Besides, their record label is Frenchkiss. With such a catchy name, the music must be enchanting.

You can't say the same about this year's Genius Awards. I mean, not all of them. I'm still wondering why Susie Lee's work is considered as genius. A silent video portrait that lasts for half an hour has no artistic value to me. In my opinion, a performance is artistic when nobody else can do it or had the idea of it before. And portraying people while they stay idle for hours was common among wealthy people a few centuries ago, when they wanted to have a painted portrait of themselves.

Fortunately, Marya Sea Kaminski won an Award too. I didn't know her, but I read she has played Laura Bush, a girl whose imaginary friend is a junkie. I've not seen her playing, but this character sounds amazing. She played Electra, too, and I rely on Brendan Kiley's judgment. He wrote that her performance was "nearly a miracle," and having read the play a thousand times, that's the least I expect from a genius actress.

And Charles Mudede received an Award, too?!