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Boy on the Side


@84 - dadfromaz thanks! your quote at the end of the post from "Desiderata" tells me what an amazing dad you are! i was fortunate enough to meet a woman 48 years ago who personified that quote not only toward her six kids but to all the stray kids each of her kids dragged home. i was one of the strays and i'm here today because of her!
Thanks alot Dan for the project you're doing, the awareness your spreading, and the hope you're giving, you're fucking awesome dude.

P.S. the video you and your husband did was wonderful and touching.
Dan, thank you for starting this project. As a closeted gay teenage male in Texas, you and your husband have brought me so much hope. One day, I will find the love of my life and start my family with my future husband.

You both rock, and Mr. Savage Sr., your post just made me cry out of joy. Thank you for raising Dan to be himself. If we had more parents like you, this world would be much better.

Love and rockets,
Way to go, Dan. Thanks for launching It Gets Better. What a great idea. I've loved your columns for years, and I appreciate that you're using your influence to help these kids. Hope it works!
It sounds like the boyfriend is too lazy to get his girlfriend off so lets this guy do it and then moves in to get HIS rocks off. Also, playing a video game is a good indicator that the guy may be an adult but still fucks like a selfish teenage boy.
Dan is right not to "church it up" with a big word! It's just one awkward kid (video game boy) his girlfriend who needs to find a man to have an actual sexual relationship with and this clueless dude writing in who is being used as a vibrator.... Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...Maybe she ought to be with the guy who actually can stimulate her AND gives a damn enough to help her arrive at a pleasurable outcome.
How is their sex life WITHOUT the letter writer's involvement? There's the answer, right there.

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