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Is Caffeine Dangerous?


After drinking my first shots of espresso at age 33 (the first at about 10am, the second at 2pm the same day), I was near either nervous breakdown or fainting. Had I taken a third, a trip to the emergency room would have been in order. Perhaps the effects of caffeine could best be studied on people like me, who do not usually drink any caffeinated beverages?

PS- those of you who work in coffee places and drink the stuff all day, you are super stupid and obnoxious by lunch time.
I think this is a video from the spiderweb study the good Mr. Prof. Science is referring to:
@2, Ha ha ha. Awesome.
Jonathan stated that "Science gave up caffeine just before starting his intern year—no coffee, no soda, no tea. The withdrawal was awful—headaches, sweats, fatigue, and a level of lethargy that even 80-hour workweeks and 30-hour continuous shifts could not generate. "

Jonathan - are you saying that as an intern you are working 30-hour continuous shifts? I draw your attention to the ACGME residency program requirements that state "Duty periods of PGY-1 residents must not exceed 16 hours in duration."

If, in fact, you are working 30 hour shifts, your residency program is in violation of work hour restrictions and would certainly be investigated by the ACGME and likely lose it's accreditation.

Or, you are pretending to work harder than you actually do.

Either your residency program is in trouble, or you are a lying to try to impress your readers.

Otherwise, your article is accurate.

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