I'm dark-skinned, wearing a baseball cap—that does not mean I'm a thug. You were obviously enjoying a drunken night out with friends, crossed my path, got in my face and decided to yell, "YO! YO! YO!" waving your hands around like they were guns. Thanks for the humiliation, you privileged, ignorant asshole. It's people like you who make me hate this city so much. I wouldn't mind Seattle having such a small people of color population if Whites here weren't so blatantly ignorant and disrespectful toward us. I've seen a very ugly side of you, Seattle. Sometimes, White women literally run across the street in order to avoid walking down the same sidewalk as me. I'm a queer, Latino university student and human-rights student activist—and you're afraid of me? I've had enough, and I know a lot of POC have as well. As soon as I get my degree, I'm outta here. I'm tired of being in an environment that obligates itself to constantly remind me that I do not belong because I'm dark-skinned. Fine, fuck you, Seattle. Oh, and White girl, you're lucky my White girlfriends weren't there with me that night. They would've kicked your ass right then and there.