When Superman is Clark Kent, sitting among his peers, does he say that "women are born weaker than men"? When Spider-Man is Peter Parker, does he look over at Mary Jane and announce to the folks around the table that "we gotta get outta here soon because I want to have sex and she needs to go to bed soon"? When Batman is Bruce Wayne, does he sit around with folks he's just met and boast about all the millionaires he knows? What I'm trying to ask here: Do superheroes historically practice misogyny and self-aggrandizement when the mask comes off? Also, if one intervenes in "crime" during the day and utters belittling, ignorant garbage after hours, does one really deserve the respect of one's peers?

Heroes don't wear masks and pepper-spray the shit out of citizens. Heroes are accountable and identifiable. Heroes use their words. They educate, inspire, organize, and revolutionize. They represent the oppressed, expose corruption, and create formulas for peace. Don't expect me to prostrate myself before your enormous ego.

Remember when I laughed my ass off after your anachronistic "women are born weaker than men" statement? Allow me to reiterate: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! You sound like a chode. You have narrow, diseased views of "the world." Come down from your pillar, remove your disguise, and start a real movement.