I have been a loyal attendee of your music festival since its inception. Loyal, that is, until last year, when some greedy fuckhead decided it would be a great idea to eliminate the single-day passes and sell only four-day passes with camping included, whether you want to camp or not.

First of all, what if I don't want to camp?! I've made treks up to the Gorge to see my favorite bands and driven home that same night just because I couldn't stand the thought of sleeping outside in the freezing cold. Or maybe I want to stay somewhere in Vantage, or at the Cave B Inn, or anywhere else besides the shitty campgrounds at the Gorge? Did you ever consider that?

Second, I thought true lovers of art and music believed that it should be accessible to everyone? Tell me, what is accessible about a $337 pass, plus whatever "convenience" fees are tacked on? Add to that the cost of gas, food, and booze for four days, and you've got close to a $1,000 weekend. I don't even make that much in a week! And you can't tell me that everyone stays at the Gorge for four fucking nights. Seriously, after two days of pissing in a portable toilet full of thousands of other people's piss, shit, and puke, most of us are ready to head home and take a very long hot shower.

Whatever the reasoning is behind this change in ticketing options, I call bullshit. Festival planners, you lost a loyal customer and fan. When I look at the lineup and see all of the amazing artists I'm going to miss, my blood starts to boil. I'm upset, confused, and disappointed. If I ever meet the person who made this decision, I swear I'll bitch-slap you over the head. Thanks for nothing.

P.S.: Dropkick Murphys again? You can do better than that.